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The Big Break Down

31 May

Last week we leaked out some web clips of our new pages created for businesses owners, now it’s time to explain what that means for all of our users!

Along with a newly designed splash page, the inside of the site has undergone a serious face-lift. Creating an even more simplistic, organized, pretty page, ideally wrinkle free; the new layout will make creating plans even easier for new and old users. Keeping the page split into two flowing panels we have added and moved a few things around to assure maximum benefits for your friends and you!

Location Group Deals: As I have said previously, I am “patiently” waiting for this sick feature to be available. Group deals supply great offers for your whole friend group! They will convince any lazy friend to get out and join the crew, while saving money! These group deals will introduce new venues, events, and places your whole social network.

Shizzlr Specials: Shizzlr users this feature has been created because all of your local places believe in us just like all of you; now let’s celebrate! These specials are unique and promoted strictly for our social community. Isn’t that pretty sweet? We agree, and that is exactly why we want you all to benefit from it!

Medals: In addition to receiving medals from your favorite venues, your friends can give awards away, too! Flip cup champion? Master plan maker? First to pass out? Now you have the chance to give your friends more appropriate medals the morning after all your plans.



Shizzlr Spoiler!

24 May

We have been working nonstop and will continue until everything is just right for all of our users and business owners! With much anticipation over what is going on… I am here will some spoilers!

We’ve created this new page for business owners that allow them to login, claim their venue, and add great deals for all of our users! We want to make Shizzlr valuable and helpful for both users as well as business owners. The clips above show a few of the new options available. The Group Buying Deals is one of my personal favorite new features; With a larger group of friends we are always looking for a place we can all go and now we can get sweet deals, too! Business owners also gain availability to view their own Shizzlr statistics to track their deals, specials, and their success within our Shizzlr community.

There are more tools and promotions soon to come! Even a new splash page!

Cheers, it’s Tuesday!

Hello! My name is Katharine.

19 May

What’s up fellow Shizzlr users? I’m a new addition to the Shizzlr team—intern!—and will be here all summer letting you in on what is going on over here. Simple, right? Wrong! There are big plan that will keep all of us working non-stop for the next few weeks as we add, edit, and tweak the “guts” of Shizzlr, for all of you!

Nick, Keith, and the rest of the team have brainstormed quality features that your friends and you will definitely want to use. As the new launch nears, I will be sharing all of the new advantages offered with you!

Hope all of you are as excited as I am! It’s summer (please stop raining). Time to get this blog rolling…


New York Times Article

12 May

We have a blog? It would certainly appear that way with the frequency at which we write in this thing.  But i think this sweet article definitely warranted a post.  Jenna Wortham wrote an awesome piece about the contraction that is happening with the next upcoming social networks, and Shizzlr fits into that well.

We have been working on a ridiculous amount, using the feedback from the 4k of you shizzlerers…i wont try that again…to really crank out an awesome site/app. We have set a target of June 1st to rollout updated site and apps along with the first of our Shizzlr deals (you make a plan with friends and get some sort of reward at the restaruant/bar).

Also, we are going to have a few new interns start this summer whose job will be to relay what we are doing on this nice blog.  Keith and I will do our best to write our take on the space as well.