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Suffolk Journal

28 Feb

Thank you Gianna Carchia for the excellent article in the Suffolk Journal.  It definitely captures the story extremely well – she has been bumped to the top of the list for receiving a free shirt.

You can read the great piece here:


Blackberry…your killing me smalls

24 Feb

Blackberry has not answered numerous calls/emails/and the rocks thrown at their building with notes written on them in regards to letting Shizzlr get permission to have Push Notifications on our apps.  We are literally pulling out our hair (actual photo below) to get this app finished, and nothing seems to work.  It really is no wonder why RIM is failing so badly when it comes to them competing on the SmartPhone front and in the application world – they say they want to do and be one thing, and every action (or lack their of) seems to show the exact opposite.

Sunk costs are sunk costs, and we have not given up yet on Blackberry…but any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciate.


Illinois State University – Vidette Article

22 Feb

Thanks to Megan Maginity of the Daily Vidette for writing a nice little article for their University Paper.

The article can be found here:

Swimming in work – and thank you.

17 Feb

We have been up to our eyeballs with work, and hence no new blogs, and very limited communication to the ones close to us (kind of ironic?).  From the moment that the AP article dropped a 5 days ago our lives have been flipped upside down – and trust me we love it – and would not want it any other way.  We have done our best to keep up with all the emails, feedback, bug reports (no not like Men in Black because we want no part of that), and every opportunity we are presented with that can possibly really help Shizzlr work.

Keith and I can not tell you enough how much we appreciate all of the amazing support and positivity around what we are trying to do.  We know there are bugs, mistakes, misspellings, things we are missing with the site and apps, and a ton of others things wrong – but everyone has been totally understanding and supportive as we keep cranking.

We really think we are on to something – or I don’t think people would be so willing to try something so new (and that requires your phone number to sign up – which is totally private and for your benefit) without Shizzlr having some sort of value.  And we defintily are not fully solving the problem yet, but have started too.

So – thank you, especially if you have read this far, and doShizzlr!


A little on camera action

14 Feb

Thanks Jeevan Vittal and Fox5 CT for the great interview and clip that ran last night –


Killer Startups Post – Vote Shizzlr

13 Feb

We would appreciate a vote, go to:

I check out this site everyday, so it’s pretty cool to see that Shizzlr made it on.  Be sure to keep checking it out – i have found such great new startups by just poking around on it.  It also makes me realize, with 15 new ones listed each day, just how small a fish each startup really is.

The Write up:  “Shizzlr is a mobile service that will let you take part of group discussions via SMSes. Users of Shizzlr can discuss plans collectively such as where to go for a great night out, and arrive at much faster decisions together.

And the way this is orchestrated could hardly be any better, since users of Shizzlr authenticate who they are via Facebook. This means that they will be able to bring their whole social graphs along for the ride, and avoid having to invite people individually to the service (something that might seem preferable, but which is actually the biggest bore ever since Hollywood began remaking 80s shows and movies by the rote).

Once you let Shizzlr have access to your Facebook account, the application will look at these friends you hang out with, and list their events for you to see. You will then be able to decide which one you are attending, and let all your friends know about the spot you intend to hit that night. The discussion will then begin in earnest…”

Shizzlr Job/Internship info

12 Feb

Hey everyone –

So we have already gotten a few messages asking about jobs/internships.  We are working on adding a new page to the bottom of the site with a link to all of this information.  But until then – you can ask for more info by emailing or

Full time job : We are looking to bring on two additional coders over the next month or two – email us and we can talk more about it

Internships: We look to bring on 1-2 interns per campus to work and create custom marketing/promotional campaigns for their campus/local towns.  Despite the fact the Spring semester has started – we are still looking for new interns to begin working and then potentially stay with us into the summer.  So definitely if you are interested ask us – the job is awesome, has a ton of autonomy, and a real ability to be creative and work right with us.