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WNPR Colin McEnroe Show

29 Mar

The coolest interview so far was last week when I got to go to WNPR’s office in Hartford and sit in with Colin McEnroe for his hour. Peter Longo and Matt Nemerson also were in the studio, and basically we went through the current status and culture of startups in the state of Connecticut.

Colin loved using the Shizzlr word as much as possible – so it was definitely awesome. It is a great interview, great calls, and definitely goes by quickly. Take a listen.


Shizzlr mention on WNPR Morning Report

24 Mar

A few weeks ago we did a great little interview with Andrew Huston –

The morning report just briefly went into what was starting to happen with Connecticut Innovations and led to the reason we were asked to speak on the Colin McEnroe show a few days ago. (See above in a little)

well for those who have looked at this…

24 Mar

well…for those who have looked at this blog we have been away for a while…but we’re back!

I am going to put some new stuff up between today and tomorrow.  We also plan on actually writing blogs from here on out, unlike what we are currently doing of just posting publicity.


Oh – and this isnt the look of this blog for long.  We have been working on one that resembles the sites look and should be implemented soon.  So you can think we are crazy for having this completely random design, but should change soon.

Visiting sister at Cuse’ to see article

3 Mar

Ironic how it is called the Daily Orange and yet nothing is orange in their text…at least this one that I stole from their site.  Thank you Meghin for the great article.  Also, I think it was hilarious when I asked with surprise why she didn’t ask how the name Shizzlr came about, and her response was something like – have you seen my name?…I don’t question anyone else’s weird name…I thought that was pretty funny.

Gracias for the piece in the Beyond the Hill Section (which is pretty sweet because it brings in things going on at other Universities to the attention of Cuse students) –

Back to UCONN!

3 Mar

We were very happy to hear that UConn was nice enough to put Shizzlr on the front page of the daily campus with a nice full color picture to go along with it.

Article is also pretty sweet –