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More Medals!

27 Jul

In my previous blog posts I introduced Shizzlr medals for “the morning after” a night of big plans, and now we are developing brand name specialty medals to be shared, too! Think Corona, Bud Light, and even a Chipotle medal for all!

It’s always fun to try new drinks but everyone has their default or favorite one that takes no menu, recommendations, and well, thinking to order. No worries, no judgment, we get it! That default drink cuts down your ordering time, waiting at the bar alone, deflecting  pick up lines, and lets you get back to hanging out with your friends. For that, we want to reward you!

Your favorite Brand Names will connect with their most loyal fans to share deals, specials, and give back to their followers.


Let us know what medals you would want to share with your friends!

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Pedal to the medal!

13 Jul

But literally.

Now there is still fun to be had, even after your plans are over!  Soon enough Shizzlr will be introducing a cornucopia (big word) of medals that you will be able to share with friends!  Let’s walk through it …

Sharing an Award: After a long night out you wake up and begin damage control going through your call logs and text messages. You are pleasantly surprised to find that chick’s number from your math class you have been crushing on and instantly flashback to your buddy introducing the two of you at the bar. I believe the Wingman medal must be shared!

Now. Receiving an Award: Again, after a long night out you wake up but wait, ouch, ughh, headache, uneasy stomach, and the pieces of your night aren’t exactly fitting together. In this case you may be receiving one of the following: Party Foul, Beer Goggles, and possibly even the No Show. Proceed to your profile with caution.


Once you login to Shizzlr you will be able to keep track of received medals on your profile. Friends can add explanations or funny stories when giving awards to keep track of every nights’ shenanigans!

We are working endlessly on brainstorming and creating every medal possible for any antic that may happen during your night of plans but trust me we want to know what medals you want once this is up and going!

Really excited to start using medals!