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Whoa…that looks different.

29 Nov

The New and Improved Shizzlr: See for yourself.

Hey what’s up!

We’ve made a ton of changes to Shizzlr based on great feedback from our users.

Shizzlr is now:

  • Easier to use (you don’t have to be a brain surgeon anymore);
  • Easier to make plans with your friends (as simple as using a walkie talkie); and
  • Easier to find out what’s going on wherever you are (even if you are in an igloo in Alaska).

And check this out – you can get to Shizzlr via iPhone and Android Apps, mobile browsers and, of course, the web.

Give us another try. Spend less time planning and more time having fun with your friends.

See you there soon.  Have a good one.


– The Shizzlr Team

Here are links to the new iPhone and Android Apps!

Click the images below to go to each of the marketplaces.  Enjoy the fun.  do Shizzlr.