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WOMPLife Friendship

28 Jun

We are proud and excited to announce a partnership with a pretty sweet new site called WOMPLife – a place where you can read up on the latest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) news, listen to music, catch up on artists, or find the next event you will be rocking out at.

WOMPLife will be one of the first in the door working with the us and the new Shizzlr Widget – allowing site visitors to start private groups right on its website and/or across apps focused on EDM news, artists, and especially events.  Users will be able to find a new artist on WOMPLife and use our widget to talk about their songs with friends, and then figure out when to see them live.

As of right now all you can see is our tiny ad on their site…along with all their awesome content that is. But within the next few weeks we will begin rolling out the widget, app involvement, and a few other tricks up our sleeve.

So for now go check out, the founder Brett Kernan has done a great job to drive a ton of new traffic to his pages within its first three months since Hello World.

And if you have any questions or want to find out more information about our widget you can check out, or of course contact us at .

Thanks and doShizzlr.

–          Nick

27 Jun

A Change Side by Side Shift of Gears

…yes that’s it…the perfect title…


It has been a while since we last spoke – hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer.

Over the past few posts/tweets/shares you may have been able to figure out we were taking a new twist on our private groups – basically creating a widget version of our platform.  This is being worked on in addition to maintaining and updating the apps and website (which is actually being reworked as I type) as they are now – so don’t fret nothing will change on that front other than hopefully they continuing to get better.


But what is this new stuff?  Well basically a few months back we started getting asked by event aggregators, venues, and brands with events how they would be able to get more involved on our platform – since our platform is relatively unique in the way that it treats events, brands and locations as objects to be shared into group chats so everyone can see them regardless of channel of communication they are on.  After the third different meeting in a week span, and hearing some overlapping things, the team sat down and turned our head sideways a bit – and actually thought we could help them much more than merely listing/featuring content on our website and apps.

Long story short (aka I’m skipping the value proposition story for now since it is our sell) we created the Shizzlr Widget – a tool to allow event, venue, and brand website page visitors to start a free private group chat (across text, Facebook, email, and apps), bringing that pages content to their close friends to talk about it and easily be able to get back to it.  Essentially similar to a Facebook Share or Tweet button, but rather than sharing to the large networks for everyone to see, comment on, and more than likely get lost; this chat only goes to your close group of friends and via the way you usually talk with them about doing things.


For example, imagine you are on RottenTomatoes looking up movie reviews and something shows up you want to see.  First reaction thought – who else would want to go?  Start a group with the Shizzlr widget, invite the four friends that won’t mock you for wanting to see Brave despite it looking awesome and being Pixar…and then group chat directly on the RottenTomatoes site (looks like gChat), or text, email, or on our apps about who wants to join in and when you want to go.  Everyone can click the initial message (look below) and get back to Brave’s RottenTomatoes page to see all the info along with show times (something that is always the worst thing to figure out with a group of friends).

The point is to keep the content that you want to talk about close to the private group chat with your friends.


Conversions! – Of ticket sales, registrations, purchases, Degrees to Celsius.   An example feature (one of a few we have hidden up our sleeve…oh jeez no…I’m wearing a basketball jersey…I’m ruined!) for RottenTomatoes is to be able to see that there are 1,400 groups talking about Brave and send a message to each of those groups like “Buy now and get 15% off your group ticket purchase”…whoa that’s powerful.


Hopefully this gives you a sense of the new things we have been working on.  Definitely a different ball game not going after users 100%, but things have been going great over the past month and a half, so if that is any indication of how things will be going forward – we are happy.

To find out more info about the widget and custom mobile apps (yes I didn’t get into that so much) please check out or email us at


Talk to you all soon.  Wear sunscreen.

–          Nick & the Shizzlr team.