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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

25 May


Fandango Movies and Times!

14 May


So we are pretty pumped because for a while a bunch of users have mentioned how finding and picking movie times is always a huge hassle between a group of friends, and would be awesome to be able to share those type of things in their Shizzlr groups.

And wallah.

Remember all those times you wanted to see a movie and the hassle it was to pick a time, place, and flick everyone could make and wanted to see.

Well thanks to Fandango and our groups that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Search through movies on the iPhone and Android apps, share them into groups, and all your friends can see the details, available showings, and times.

Pick a movie and group chat about going to see it with friends.

This is what it looks like to pick the movies filter.

Enjoy the movies.

Roll end credits.