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Menus for Venues

29 Feb

When you’re making plans on Shizzlr and looking for a place to go eat, you can now see the menu at some of your choices. Thanks to Foursquare and their recent partnership with SinglePlatform, other apps like our ourselves get benefit from Foursquares new offering. So to Foursquare and SinglePlatform, thank you for helping the greater good, and to our users, start checking out some menus before making your plans!


App space observation

4 Jan

It feels like the mobile app space is starting to mature a bit. App downloads are blowing up, but how evenly distributed those downloads are across the number of apps out there. Of course there’s a top 10, top 100, and a long tail too, but it seems certain apps are becoming leaders of certain actionable spaces.

Foursquare is the ‘checkin’ app. Path is the ‘journal’ app. Instagram is the ‘picture sharing’ app. Runkeeper is the ‘running’ app. Kik might be the ‘group chat’ app. Shizzlr is certainly going to be the ‘planning with friends’ app. This also might be happening because app design is finally hitting it’s stride. Look at Path; getting all of their content into one stream and only one button for contribution, brilliant. It’s funny how website design tends to decrease scrolling and increase clicks, but app design is the opposite; increase scrolling/swiping and reduce taps.  Anyway this is just an observation of the app space in general and maybe a feel for one of many things that’ll happen in 2012.