Getting comfortable with the new Photoshop beta

31 Mar

Good opportunity to mess around with some icon and logo design.

The last one is my favorite.

– Keith Woodward


Happy Birthday Brian!

20 Mar

To the man that we all thank for our excellent Android app – happy birthday.


Walmart vs. CVS in Event Listings

16 Mar

Reaction to an article I read just a little bit ago: Here

What caused me to write this: The article was about LifeCrowd, a new web site that shows events for people to discover and go to (not necessarily knowing anyone).  As with every article I find dealing with something in our space I pass the link along to the rest of the team just so at a minimum they open it up, see the name, and move on.

KHB responded with the quote that stuck out to him; “In other words, the event listings on the site may not be as long and thorough as those featured by your hometown paper, weekly mag, or other events guide, but that’s by design. LifeCrowd is aiming for quality over quantity”.  As we are working, pulling our hair out, to finish an update to our events section, and thinking about a few other event aggregators that have come out recently – it got me thinking that the trend is you’re either the Walmart (Eventbrite, Meetup, Facebook, Eventful) or a CVS (LifeCrowd, SOSH, WillCall) of event aggregation – but I want both.

What I hope happens soon: I hope that soon there is enough of these niche CVS’s of event aggregation that well be able to provide both quality and quantity display for users on Shizzlr.  It will be awesome when you can share WillCall’s show deal right into a group of your friends on Shizzlr to talk about buying tickets, and the next day share a biking trip you learned about on Zozi, and chat about when your going or who has an extra bike.

What we have now: Right now we are certainly going all Walmart (as you can see in this snapshot of the next version of our website).  Grabbing from the largest event sources to provide the most content possible for users to discover and share into their group of friends on Shizzlr.

And the way we built it i’m really hoping that between adding search, some added filters on both the frontend and backend, and more event creator partners well be able to offer both quality and quantity for users to discover things to do and share with friends.

Semi-tangent thoughts: more thing… on a quick sidenote the first comment in the article I mentioned above, was “This should be an app for your smartphone so that events will be listed based upon their location”.  I need to get back to them b/c we are on it as you can see here:

Jeez and an one more thing – we realized that people would want to see events  first before sharing them with friends to chat about it, so very soon we’ll be updating our web site so you can browse events and places before signing up/logging in.  Here’s a snapshot of a mock i did a bit ago below because KW would shoot me if i showed you what he was doing now.

Have a good weekend everyone

Sharing is caring – a sweet new ‘share’ feature

14 Mar

Our newest apps have just hit the stores and there’s this one really cool feature we’re a bit excited about. Some of the great feedback from our       users was about being able to share an event or a place easier with their friends.

So that’s exactly what we built!  Keeping letting us know what you think.  

So peep how it works:

1. Go into Events or Places

2. Find some event (or place) that looks sweet and you’d want to share

3. Click on the event (or place), make sure its good, and if so press Share in the top right.

4. Choose to share it to an existing group, start a new one, or Facebook and soon Twitter.

5.When you share it into a new group or existing then all your friends will see it and be able to click on the event (or place) and see all of its details.  Pretty sweet eh?

Hopefully that helps understand you understsand share (Consider it part of the dropping knowledge writeups) – it definitely gets down to the core of what we are doing with group chats around doing something, and as friends find awesome events or places to go to they share with friends.

Catch you all soon.

New St. Patty’s Day idea!

7 Mar

We turned the beer green, threw a hat on it, and picked a four leaf clover for you – all to make a sweet St. Patty’s day icon to use.

So grab your green suspenders (a personal choice I make ever year) and get some friends together to go enjoy a parade and mid morning brunch and beers.

This is definitely a favorite holiday around here – we hope to help you enjoy the day as much as we plan too.

On a more functional level… to use the idea:

Find it on the website in the ideas section:

Or in the App stream under the ideas tab

Enjoy your St Partick’s day regardless of what you end up doing.

– Nick

Menus for Venues

29 Feb

When you’re making plans on Shizzlr and looking for a place to go eat, you can now see the menu at some of your choices. Thanks to Foursquare and their recent partnership with SinglePlatform, other apps like our ourselves get benefit from Foursquares new offering. So to Foursquare and SinglePlatform, thank you for helping the greater good, and to our users, start checking out some menus before making your plans!

Mario Party Plans

27 Feb