Sharing is caring – a sweet new ‘share’ feature

14 Mar

Our newest apps have just hit the stores and there’s this one really cool feature we’re a bit excited about. Some of the great feedback from our       users was about being able to share an event or a place easier with their friends.

So that’s exactly what we built!  Keeping letting us know what you think.  

So peep how it works:

1. Go into Events or Places

2. Find some event (or place) that looks sweet and you’d want to share

3. Click on the event (or place), make sure its good, and if so press Share in the top right.

4. Choose to share it to an existing group, start a new one, or Facebook and soon Twitter.

5.When you share it into a new group or existing then all your friends will see it and be able to click on the event (or place) and see all of its details.  Pretty sweet eh?

Hopefully that helps understand you understsand share (Consider it part of the dropping knowledge writeups) – it definitely gets down to the core of what we are doing with group chats around doing something, and as friends find awesome events or places to go to they share with friends.

Catch you all soon.


One Response to “Sharing is caring – a sweet new ‘share’ feature”

  1. shizzlr March 2, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    I forgot to mention – you can do this too with Places. Find a cool place you want to check out and share that to your groups too.

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