A constant juggling act – to work or talk

12 Dec

Working and taking time to let people know what you are working on appear to be two things that coincide, when in reality one cuts into the time of the other.  And up until now we have been all one sided – working – figuring that people will see the hard work for themselves, hear through the grapevine the things we are working on, and not necessarily need to be told specifically news from us. It was a bad assumption.

As hats begin to stack on every entrepreneurs head some begin to fall off, and despite seeing it fall by your side they still get forgotten about.  For us the hat that fell was social media communication – basically being active in letting our community of friends and users know what we are up too, where we are going, and everything else in between. We enjoyed working so much and would rather build the product with true value then just tell them about one we are building – with this reasoning were able to justify our inactivity of not talking about things through our social media sites half as much as we should be.

Welp – from this day on there will be more of a balance of work and talk – hence a sign similar to this will be in our office shortly.

Now we wont be anything close to the frequency of your farmville posts – but we promise to be in touch more.  I feel like that kid that you see after coming back from school at a bar randomly who you never were actually friends with and say “aw ya we totally need to hang out” – taking their number without any intention of calling them ever again.  Well ill be calling after this post.


Be good.   doShizzlr


– Nick



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